Zero Gravity Pool
Zero Gravity Pool -

Dubai Pool Party; located on the stunning JBR Beach; the green part zero gravity Pool Party ‘is’ an open-air bar

Provide you with an unparalleled visual feast. You can take a dip in the swimming pool, feel the closeness of the blue sky and blue sea, let the sea breeze caress your face, and release the stress of your body and mind.

Open air bar, tropical cocktails

Zero Gravity Pool has an open-air bar that serves a variety of tropical cocktails and drinks for you to enjoy. Enjoying a refreshing cocktail by the pool is the perfect alternative to a refreshing dip.

Zero Gravity Pool Event Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is the Zero Gravity Pool campaign?

Zero Gravity Pool is a high-energy pool party with top DJ music and an exciting atmosphere. Here you can enjoy great music, food and social experiences.

Do you need to book in advance at zero gravity in Dubai?

Yes, we recommend booking in advance, especially during busy times, to ensure you have a seamless entry experience.

What are the clothing requirements for zero gravity Dubai events?

The dress code at Zero Gravity Pool is casual swimwear and beachwear. We encourage you to wear comfortable swimwear so you can enjoy the pool and beach.

What is the age limit for zero gravity Dubai?

The legal drinking age for Zero Gravity Pool events is 18 years.

Is parking provided?

Yes, we have spacious parking available for you to come to your event.

Comfortable pool area and sunny beach

At Zero Gravity Pool, you can not only enjoy the cool pool water, but also relax in the comfortable pool area or choose to sunbathe on the beach. Comfortable lounge chairs and parasols are provided here for you to relax and enjoy your time.

Music party, dancing night

At Zero Gravity Pool, music parties make the night more dynamic. World-class DJs bring you the most passionate music, allowing you to dance with your friends and enjoy an unforgettable night.

Zero Gravity Pool is famous for its unique zero gravity experience, making you feel light and free. This special pool design makes you feel as if you are weightless in the water, allowing you to enjoy an unusual swimming experience.

Book your trip to the Zero Gravity Pool now and immerse yourself in a world of lightness and joy. Whether you're taking a dip with your family or spending time with friends, Zero Gravity Pool will create an unforgettable pool experience.