Sky2.0 - Dubai's Iconic Nightclub

Unique themed events and performances

Dubai sky2.0 is the ceiling of Dubai nightclubs. The nightclubs have a very atmospheric atmosphere and often have unexpected surprises, such as fireworks. The attitude of the service staff is also very good. When you order champagne, you will get a three-minute personal champagne show with Chinese subtitles on the back of the nightclub's LED plus any song you want on-demand, bringing you a wonderful experience. The experience of 2 will make you want to go again and again. The main music style of the nightclub: Mixed

Sky 2.0 DUBAI Event FAQs

What is the Sky 2.0 Dubai event?

The event is Sky 2.0 Dubai, the epitome of Dubai's premier nightlife offering an unparalleled music and entertainment experience.

Do I need to book in advance for Sky 2.0 Dubai?

Yes, we strongly recommend booking in advance, especially during busy times.

What is the clothing requirement for Sky 2.0 Dubai events?

The dress code for Sky2.0 dubai is that men are not allowed to wear shorts and slippers, and women are required to wear dresses.

What is the age limit for Sky 2.0 Dubai?

The age limit for participation in Sky 2.0 Dubai events is 18 years.

Is parking provided?

Yes, we offer spacious parking for your convenience when arriving to your event.