Sal By Burj Al Arab
Sal By Burj Al Arab - Beachfront luxury and gourmet cuisine

Welcome to Sal By Burj Al Arab, a paradise of seaside luxury and gourmet cuisine. Located next to Dubai's famous Burj Al Arab, we offer you an unparalleled experience.

At Sal By Burj Al Arab, you’ll enjoy stunning beach views, picturesque views. The beach, waves and blue sky are intertwined, making you feel endless tranquility and relaxation.

Elegant atmosphere and considerate service

Sal By Burj Al Arab creates an elegant dining atmosphere and makes you feel treated like a VIP. Our professional service team will take care of your every need to ensure you have an unforgettable dining time here.

Sal by burj al arab event FAQs

What is the Sal by Burj Al Arab event?

Sal by Burj Al Arab is Dubai's finest beach club and restaurant with pool access, serving Mediterranean cuisine overlooking glittering Arabia.

Do you need to book in advance for Sal by Burj Al Arab?

Yes, we strongly recommend booking in advance, especially during busy times.

What is the clothing requirement for Sal events?

The dress code at Sal by burj Al Arab is formal and semi-formal, and you can bring swimsuits.

What is the age limit for Sal by Burj Al Arab?

The age limit for Sal by Burj Al Arab is 18 years old.

Is there parking available at Sal by Burj Al Arab?

Yes, we offer spacious parking for guests to dine in.

Exquisite food and selected wine list

Our team of chefs carefully prepares exquisite cuisine and presents you with the treasures of culinary techniques from all over the world. From fresh seafood to premium steaks, each dish offers a unique blend of flavors to satisfy your discerning taste buds. Paired with our curated wine list, you'll have a perfect experience.

Unique themed activities and entertainment

In addition to delicious food, we also provide you with unique themed activities and entertainment programs. From fashion parties to music performances, every event will bring you pleasure and surprise.

Book your trip to Sal By Burj Al Arab now and experience seaside luxury with friends and family. Let our experience and scenery add more precious memories to your experience!