Welcome to PENTHOUSE CLUB , here is a gorgeous feast of luxury and luxury in the sky. We are known for unique experiences, spectacular performances and exceptional service to create an unparalleled evening for you.

At PENTHOUSE CLUB, you'll be surrounded by stunning city skylines. Overlooking the brightly lit city, you will experience a unique aerial experience that will shock your soul.

Top performances and specials

The rooftop bar of Penthouse in Dubai is open every day. Most of the consumers are white Europeans. The nightclub plays a lot of techno music. Friends who like shisha should not miss it. Their store provides Dubai’s top shisha.

Penthouse Club Dubai Event FAQs

What are Penthouse Club Dubai events?

The Penthouse Club Dubai is a premier nightclub and entertainment venue that provides exciting performances, DJ music, and exquisite drinks to ensure guests have an unforgettable night.

Does Penthouse Club Dubai need to book in advance?

Yes, we recommend guests book in advance to ensure entry. Especially on busy nights, booking in advance will ensure you have a seat.

What is the dress code for Penthouse Club Dubai events?

The dress code for The Penthouse Club Dubai is semi-formal or formal. We ask that guests dress neatly and appropriately to suit the nightclub atmosphere.

What is the age limit for Penthouse Club Dubai?

The age limit for The Penthouse Club Dubai is 18 years.

Is parking provided?

Yes, we offer convenient parking facilities for guests' convenience when visiting the nightclub.

Vibrant party atmosphere

Our party atmosphere is full of energy and excitement. World-class DJ music, visual effects and brilliant lights will get you pumping and unleash your passion. At the rooftop club, it's a rocking party every night.

In the top floor club, you will enjoy exclusive VIP service. Our professional team will provide you with attentive and attentive care to ensure that every moment you spend is unique.

Book your trip to the Penthouse Club now and enjoy the spectacular feast in the sky with the elite. Unleash your passion and energy and make your night sparkle in this unique sky paradise!