Dream Dubai
Dream Dubai - a place where unlimited dreams come true

The Dream Performance Restaurant in Dubai is located downstairs of the Marina address hotel in Dubai. It has an excellent location and an acrobatic rain song and dance show comparable to Cirque du Soleil. The delicacies recommended by the chef are comparable to Michelin-star meals, which will keep you entertained. Combined with amazing food during the show, Dream Restaurant Dubai is a place you'll want to visit again.

Dream Dubai FAQ:
What is the Dream Dubai event?

Dream Dubai is a restaurant that combines visual feast with Michelin-starred food

Do I need to book in advance for Dream Dubai?

Yes, we strongly recommend that guests book in advance, especially during busy times and special events, to ensure a seat is available.

What are the dress requirements for Dream Dubai events?

The dress code of Dream Dubai is that men are not allowed to wear shorts and slippers, and women are asked to wear small dresses.

What is the age limit for Dream Dubai?

The legal age limit for most Dream Dubai events is 18 or over

Is parking provided?

Yes, Dream Dubai offers parking for guests.

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