Welcome to 1 OAK DUBAI - a heart-pounding night experience! 1 OAK DUBAI is the latest launch of the world-famous nightlife brand 1 OAK DUBAI. This star nightclub not only brings you an unforgettable party, but also presents you with a unique visual feast and luxurious experience.

Stepping into 1 OAK DUBAI, you will be instantly attracted. The elegant interior design exudes an atmosphere of luxury and art, and a series of meticulously crafted details make you feel more distinguished. This stunning venue takes Dubai nightlife to a whole new level.

Ultimate VIP service

At 1 OAK DUBAI, VIP treatment is not just a promise, it is our promise. Making sure your night becomes distinguished and unforgettable. Indulge your taste buds with premium drinks and specialty cocktails.

Unique performances and international DJs

1 OAK DUBAI presents you with carefully arranged performances and international DJs, turning every night into a carnival feast. Performers and DJs on stage will keep you immersed in the music and dancing late into the night. From hit pop songs to electronic dance music, there's a wide variety of music styles here to satisfy all your music cravings.

1OAK DUBAI: your dream party choice

Whether it’s a night out with friends or a special moment shared with loved ones, 1 OAK DUBAI is your dream party destination. We warmly look forward to your visit and create unforgettable memories with you!


1 What is the OAK DUBAI event?

1 OAK DUBAI is a prestigious nightclub and entertainment venue offering exciting music performances, luxurious drinks and unique party experiences.

1 OAK DUBAI Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend booking in advance, especially on busy nights, to ensure you get in and enjoy a seamless night out.

1 What are the clothing requirements for the OAK DUBAI event?

1 OAK DUBAI The dress code is smart evening wear.

1 What is the age limit for OAK DUBAI?

1 OAK DUBAI welcomes guests 18 years and above.

Is parking provided?

Yes, we offer convenient parking to ensure your vehicle is safely parked to make your night easier.